Make A Plan,
See It Through,
Leave A Legacy

Make A Plan, See It Through, Leave A Legacy
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Dedicated To Helping You Plan

Firm founder Karen J. La Madrid has over three decades of California estate planning experience. There is hardly an issue she hasn’t resolved or a planning need she hasn’t met for her clients. She has extensive experience and focus in California trust, trust administration and probate law.

At the Law Offices of Karen J. La Madrid in Riverside, Karen’s objective is to help people from all walks of life and at any stage in life. You may need to draft a simple will, set up a trust or create a power of attorney and advance directive. She and her staff are here to ensure that your plan meets your goals and is what your loved ones need to understand your wishes.

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A Long History In Estate Planning

Karen’s first interaction with estate planning clients was as a legal secretary in her first job after high school. It was remarkable to her how happy clients looked after they had their estate plans created or updated. It was as if a burden had been lifted from their shoulders. They looked, somehow, lighter. Today, it is her mission to bring that kind of peace of mind to each and every client she serves.

When It’s Time To Update Your Plan

Estate plans are meant to stand the test of time, but a lot can change in your life after you make a plan. Many clients return every few years to make sure their plans still meet their needs or to update their estate plans to reflect big life changes such as marriage, divorce, remarriage or the birth or adoption of a child.

Get In Touch With Karen Today

For experienced help with wills, trusts, POAs and other estate planning tools, contact the office today. Call 951-224-9209 or send the firm an email to get started. Get the help you need to make a plan, see it through and leave a legacy.