Make A Plan,
See It Through,
Leave A Legacy

Make A Plan, See It Through, Leave A Legacy
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When It’s Time To Update Your Estate Plan

An estate plan is a long-term document. You may create it when you are in your 40s or 50s, and many of its provisions won’t be put into play for decades. However, a lot can change during those years.

Since you signed your plan, you may have had a child, stepchild or grandchild. You may have gone through divorce or remarriage. You may want to modify your will to take note of property you recently acquired or sold.

It is a good idea to review your estate plan every few years to see if it still addresses your needs and those of your loved ones.

The Modification Guidance You Need

Attorney Karen J. La Madrid pulls from her 30 years of experience to help you modify your existing plan or create an entirely new plan when an update is needed. Her focus on estate planning means she stays on top of California’s ever-changing inheritance and gifting laws. She and her staff can help you make:

At the Law Offices of Karen J. La Madrid in Riverside, we understand that estate planning is sometimes hard to think about. But taking care of updates now will save time, headache and even heartache down the line.

Estate Planning Brings Peace Of Mind

When you plan your estate, you make important decisions about your future, your property and the future of your loved ones. In making these decisions, you exercise control over potential health issues in your own life and how you want your property to be distributed after you are gone.

It’s a serious subject, and it can raise issues that are uncomfortable to think about, but we find that many of our clients feel a great sense of relief after they plan their estates. They can rest easy knowing that they have made things easier for their loved ones.

Get In Touch With Us Today

Talk to an experienced lawyer about planning your estate or modifying an existing plan. Call our Riverside office at 951-224-9209 or contact us online. We know you have questions. Set up a meeting with us so that you know what you need to move forward. We will help you make a plan, see it through and leave a legacy.