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Make A Plan, See It Through, Leave A Legacy
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After my wife passed away, I contacted the Law Offices of Karen J. La Madrid to handle the transfer of my wife’s estate to myself. Because the property is in Los Angeles county, I needed a local attorney to handle this matter. I was referred to this law firm by a local law firm. The Law Offices of Karen J. La Madrid handled this matter in an exceptionally professional manner. I recommend this law firm for all your legal needs.

D.M.L., Kingsport, TN

I can’t say enough about Ms. La Madrid! She was and is very professional, patient and so kind. She was very helpful, and never rushed my decisions for my mother’s trust/will. She was very straightforward with her advice and supportive of our decisions. This was very helpful to me at this time of my life. I also liked that she had extensive experience with seniors and eldercare. Most importantly she was very compassionate towards my mother and my family. I eventually had to prepare my own living trust – and without hesitation called Karen. I also without hesitation refer and recommend Ms. La Madrid to family and friends to prepare trusts/wills. Thank you Karen! And thank you to your lovely professional staff.

Debby G.

My case was always handled in a very professional manner. Any questions presented to them about my case, I was always given a prompt and correct response. I’m truly satisfied with the outcome of my case.

J.B.J., Altadena, CA

I have retained the legal services of Karen J. La Madrid for over 28 years. She is my first choice for all my legal needs. She’s credible, meticulous, forthright in her work ethics and professionalism. Her staff just as thorough and caring. I’ve had several cases, as an example, regarding “trusts and wills.” Both cases were covered so thoroughly and completely that the defense attorneys bowed out. If a case is beyond her expertise – she’ll let you know. This legal team is a winner!

Joc Anderson

Every year, the Gallup organization ranks some twenty-plus professions in terms of public perceptions with respect to honesty and ethics. At the top of the list are nurses, with a “very high/high” score of 82%. Sixth from the bottom, with “very high/high” scores of only 18%, are attorneys. I’ve had occasion, over the years, to work with a good many attorneys – both for business and personal needs. While my own score for the profession would likely be a trifle more generous, I can certainly understand why the profession’s image is seriously lacking in terms of respectability.

It is downright refreshing, therefore, to come upon an attorney who models an entirely different type of behavior. Karen La Madrid breaks that mold in a good many ways. Allow me to identify just four of them:

– She makes a point of identifying her clients’ peculiar needs rather than taking the one-size-fits-all approach that seems to be the mantra of the industry.

– She is extremely perceptive. She asks the right questions, and, if she doesn’t know the answer, she doesn’t fake it. Instead, she tells you that she has to research the matter.

– When she provides you with an estimate for a project, she doesn’t low-ball the job and then hit you with dozens of extras. Minor changes are a way of life in the legal profession, and Karen does not nickel-dime you on these.

– Absent major client-caused modifications, she delivers the “product” on-time – more often than not, earlier than promised.

With apologies for sounding like a commercial, I unhesitatingly endorse Karen La Madrid.

Stuart R., Rancho Mirage, CA