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Estate planning tips for newlyweds

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2024

Estate planning is a crucial step for newlyweds to ensure that their financial future is secure and that their wishes are respected in the event of unforeseen circumstances. While it may not be the most romantic topic, having a comprehensive estate plan can provide peace of mind and prevent potential legal complications. 

Here are some essential estate planning tips for newlyweds.

Create or update wills

One of the first steps in estate planning is to create or update your wills. Each spouse should have a will that outlines how their assets should be distributed in the event of their death. 

Without a will, state laws will determine the distribution of assets, which may not align with your wishes. Additionally, naming an executor to manage your estate is vital to ensure your directives are followed.

Designate beneficiaries

Review your financial accounts. This includes retirement accounts, bank accounts and your life insurance. Make sure you update the beneficiary on these policies. 

Designating your spouse as the primary beneficiary ensures that these assets will transfer directly to them without going through probate, simplifying the process during a difficult time.

Establish a trust

A trust can be a powerful tool in estate planning, providing more control over how and when your assets are distributed. Trusts can be particularly useful for couples with significant assets or those who want to ensure their assets are managed according to their specific instructions. 

Create advance directives

Establishing an advance directive is essential. These are used to make your wishes regarding medical treatment known if you become incapacitated. Designate a healthcare proxy, typically your spouse, to make medical decisions on your behalf. This ensures that your medical care aligns with your preferences.

Estate planning for newlyweds is an essential step in building a secure financial future together. Using the tips here, you can ensure your wishes are honored and your loved ones are protected.